Update on Quizzo Bowl, Etc.

OK, first of all, I’m getting a ton of questions about Quizzo Bowl. Unfortunately, I was real close to signing a deal with the Marriott. But I thought I could convince them to drop a few more bucks off their room rental rate and they refused to do it. So here’s the deal. If I charge $25 a head, we can get the Marriott and do it next month. If I charge $20 a head, as I had initially hoped, I gotta find a new place and we won’t do it until at least the end of March. The $25 a head includes the normal entertainment (band, etc.) and a great venue but does not include alcohol (yes, there will be alcohol for sale but it’s not included in the $25 price.) I’m posting a poll below. Let me know what you think.

There is also a problem that doesn’t happen much but sometimes it does and I need to throw out a reminder. Do not come to quizzo if you are going to drink water and not order any food. I mean, you don’t gotta drink, but if you’re not gonna eat either then I would rather you not come. No offense, but these bars are running a business not a charity. If you’ve got a table of 8 and your bill is $20 you are wasting everybody’s time and space. Again, this is pretty rare and hardly worth mentioning, but I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page here.

Biggest hot streaks right now? Duane’s World has won 4 in a row. The Jams have won 3. As far as best chances to win? I’d say right now, the Black Sheep may have supplanted the Good Dog as most wide open. No offense to Duane’ World, who are a great team, but they have not had a good, solid rival in a while, now that Catdog has been scarce. If you want a solid shot at winning, I’d suggest Black Sheep.

And finally, a rather amusing antecdote for all of you Sofa Kingdom haters out there. They missed 3 questions out of a total of 80 in two quizzos this week…and lost both quizzos.

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