Denver Has Their Geek Bowl III

Our friends out in Denver just had their Geek Bowl III, and it was apparently a huge success. 360 people, and they sold out in five days. Their Big Event is a little harder to put together in some ways (They have 8 freaking rounds) and easier in others (Their venue rental fee was $500. That would pay for an room for us if I was able to cut Quizzo Bowl down to about a 10-15 minutes run time.) But all in all, it sounds like it was a major success, and he’s hoping to go bigger next year. I am planning on attending next year, and if any teams want to make a mid-winter weekend getaway to a place that’s even colder than here, let me know. By the by, one thing I noticed is that a lot more teams in Denver had team outfits made. I cannot have that. I think team uniforms may be worth extra points this year at Quizzo Bowl. I will not allow Denver to have more flair!

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