Ann Coulter Continues to be a Goon

Ann Coulter was bumped off of the TODAY Show yesterday because they decided to interview Tony Blair. Coulter then played the victim card that she is constantly haranguing liberals for making and said that NBC had banned her for life (not true, of course), so then TODAY had her on today and she had a contentious matchup with Matt Lauer. This came a day after a battle she had with Harry Smith in which she said that “Every assassin in the history of the nation has either been a liberal, a communist, an anarchist, someone on the left…they are basically Obama’s base.” Coulter has apparently never heard of John Wilkes Booth, a staunch southern conservative. Of course this whole thing is a ruse to sell books. It is interesting only because it is early January and there ain’t s*** happening in the news. But even then, this whole act is getting pretty tired.

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