About that 100-0 Basketball Game: Get Over It By Bobby Badtimes

I am so sick of all the hand-wringing going on over the 100-0 girls basketball game last weekend. I really am. About how the coach of the winning team was a monster and the girls who lost were the “real winners”. It’s really got me pissed off. A few thoughts about it:

  • The coach of the winning team (Covenant) is not an evil monster. The AP story reads: A parent who attended the game said Covenant continued to make 3-pointers — even in the fourth quarter. The coach would have been a monster if he had instructed his girls to miss three pointers in the 4th quarter. That would have made a mockery of the game and sport. What was the coach supposed to do? Tell his players to miss shots on purpose? Hand the ball to the other team and let them shoot? If I am coaching a game and my team gets way out ahead, I pull out my best players and have my team play zone defense. But I’m not going to tell the kids that are in there to not play hard. That would be much more humiliating to the losing team than losing 100-0.
  • The girls who lost are not the “real winners”. They are real losers. They lost 100-0. That is disgraceful. I blame their coach more for not making them competitive than I blame the other coach for running up the score. But what is most disgraceful is how the media has handled it. All the stories are about how the team that lost (Dallas Academy) is made up of girls with dyslexia and short attention spans. Who gives a s***? Does that really make this worse? They aren’t blind and deaf. Hell, I’ve got a short attention span. It has never affected my abilities on a basketball court.
  • The Covenant team had a goal and they accomplished it. 100 points in a game was their goal. They achieved it. Good for them.
  • I have been in a game as bad as this. I was on a Little League baseball team that gave up 39 runs…in the first inning! The game was called of darkness after one inning, with them leading 39-1. I never considered their coach to be a jerk. I would have if he had ordered his players to bunt and then walk down to first base.
  • Apologize for winning? Covenant School issued an apology after the game. An apology for winning! What does this say about our society? That our winners have to apologize to our losers? “I’m sorry that I’m better than you.” Should Obama apologize to McCain for beating him so badly? Should he have let up on his campaigning in North Carolina and Virginia, just to make the score closer? Should the Eagles apologize for beating the Cowboys 44-6 in the last game of the regular season?
  • The team that lost is called Dallas Academy. I am OK with any team that goes by the name Dallas losing by a lot of points.
  • I am Bobby Badtimes. Beware my Wrath!

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