What Evil Lurks Behind That Door?

Something struck me as funny about this sign at the Municipal Court Building today (long boring story about taxes, I’ll tell you later). Anyways, I like the fact that apparently there has been a lot of persistent knocking on this door. Like, it’s kind of a big problem, big enough to make a sign about it. And whoever is doing the knocking just keeps on going, way longer than would be expected. And apparently, the person doing all that knocking should not come into contact with the civilian population. I’d feel like kind of a doofus if I went up to a municipal court employee and was like, “There’s some dude who won’t stop knocking on that door. I would let him in, but the sign says not to.” I’m wondering if it’s just the courts way of saving us from a landshark. Any other theories? Please post them below.

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