Quizzo News and Notes

Yes, I am running way behind this week. And tomorrow I’ll be “out of the office” all day. But I promise to catch up over the weekend. This has honestly been the busiest non-Quizzo Bowl week I think I’ve ever had, but I should return to a life of leisure in the next week and get all caught up. I am shooting this thing for Comcast tomorrow. I’ll let you know when it’s gonna be On Demand. Gonna take a while to edit and stuff. As for Quizzo Bowl, things are looking good. Unless this thing falls through, I should have an announcement before Christmas. In other quizzo news, The Jams won their 5th straight last night, so there will be a $20 bounty on them next week. . Finally, the last I heard, the Quizzo Documentary was progressing nicely, and the crew is hoping to have it premiere at the Philadelphia Film Festival. As for tonight, we’re back on at the Good Dog. 8 p.m. Bards at 10 p.m. Hope to see ya tonight.

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