Quizzo Cheating Now a Hot Topic

Slow news week in Atlantic City (except for the fat guy with tiny ears story). Yesterday, a rather wordy expose came out in the Press of Atlantic City about quizzo cheaters.
The unanswered question at this trivia game – was there a cheater in their midst? With the advent of phones that double as online encyclopedias, it’s a thought that seems to be always on Quizzo players’ minds. “I’m pretty sure most people in here tonight are cheating,” said Alex Delsordo, 23, sitting with three other friends, all part of the team Jedi Knights. “We feel that, and of course we aren’t – so yeah, we get annoyed.”

Alex sounds like a royal tool. I could be wrong and nieve, but it’s been my experience that most regular, contending teams don’t cheat. Since we have a community here, regular teams know that their good name would be ruined if a cell phone was used and they got called out on it. Sometimes I see teams cheating and I let it go, because almost always the team that is cheating is like 40 points behind the leader and that team could keep Ken Jennings on speakerphone and still get crushed, so it is irrelevant. And I also keep in mind that it’s a game, so if a team with two players that isn’t going to win anyway wants to ask the bartender for an answer, I have no problem with that. And then we’ve got teams like the one at Black Sheep last week, who I told over the speaker, “I would appreciate it if you guys would be a little less shameless about your cheating. There were like 5 guys, all checking their iphones. But again, they were struggling to cross the 40 point plateau, so I wasn’t going to throw a fit about it.

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