Quizmaster Chris Fights the Good Fight

It’s been a while since we heard from Quizmaster Chris, who does for righteous indignation what Babe Ruth did for the long ball. His blog posts lately have been few and far between, and most of them just had to do with quizzo. We thought that the days of reading his brilliant, angry diatribes against the likes of Dirty Franks and Big Daddy Graham were over. Which was a shame, because when Quizmaster Chris gets on a roll, he is a extremely entertaining writer. But fear not, QC is back on the warpath. A company named Centocor, who apparently didn’t pay him what he was owed for a private function he did, bears the full frontal force of an attack that contains all the subtlety of a Mack truck in a library. This one is a dandy. A few highlights:
The latest excuse that I “can’t” get paid is that they now want me to fill out a W-9 form, a brand new demand that as late as this past Friday was not being made, and had not been brought up from when I was contacted to do the quiz months ago until today.

I always love the use of the word “can’t” in an organization when someone chooses to do the wrong thing. See also Nuremburg defense. And note also the result of its use…I’ve made it very clear that Pennsylvania law states that I’m owed this money, and no amount of post-quiz mid-level-management office petty tyrant jiggerypokery un-makes their debt to me. I just want my damn money. The next step is I sue in Small Claims Court, with damages and costs, and win.

Centocor, one may learn through the information superduperhighway, is a bunch of morally challenged mother-stabbers and father-rapers. The public should avoid doing business with them and avoid their products.

Did he really just call them “Mother-stabbers and father-rapers”? Amazing. And did he really just pull the tried and true “small claims court” card? Quizmaster Chris, our worries about you missing a beat were thankfully misguided. Kepp fighting the good fight. Viva la quizolution!

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