No Quizzo This Week!

Hey kids, thought I had a fill-in for quizzo tonight but it fell through, SO NO QUIZZO TONIGHT. Which is actually kind of cool cause Internet access down here isn’t real easy to come by and it would have been a pain to do questions. Plus I have more shopping to do. Yesterday, my sis and I hit up thrift stores in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, and let me be honest with you: IT WAS AWESOME. Seriously, it is so much more fun and less stress than regular Christmas shopping. I highly recommend it. (Though I did make a small concession and buy my niece a lawn mower at Toys ‘R’ Us. Not a real one, you dimwits. One that blows bubbles.) But like I said, Thrift Store Christmas* is the new Internet Christmas shopping.

*I can say “Christmas” now instead of “holidays” because I’m in the South and liberals haven’t won the War on Christmas down here yet.

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