Bowlizzo Party on Saturday

The people have spoken. Let’s do this. Bowlizzo party on Saturday night at St. Monica’s (16th and Shunk, 3 blocks from Oregon stop on Orange Line). Here’s how it will work. Up to 12 teams, 6 players per team (You can have 8, but only 6 can bowl). $20 a head. Winner walks with $200, 2nd place gets $100. I’ll get a couple of kegs and some pretzels. Any extra money will go to my Little League at the Marian Anderson Rec Center. I will sell tickets at quizzo this week. First come, first serve on tickets. After 12 teams, I’m done (there are 12 lanes). I will have tickets for sale at all quizzos this week, so you can buy them off me there. It will go down on Saturday at 7:30 p.m., probably wrap up around 11 p.m. or so, or maybe 2 a.m. Who knows? Here’s how the scoring will work: bowling scores for each team will be averaged after every couple of rounds. They will then be added to quizzo score. So two frames, then Round One, two frames then Round Two, two frames, then Round Three, two frames then Round four, then it will all come down to the last two frames. I think this is going to be pretty wild.

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