Bowlizzo a Striking Success

The first ever Bowlizzo went exceedingly well, despite the fact that Sofa Kingdom (AKA Spiro Agnew Kids on the Block, as all team names had to deal with either bowling or Richard Nixon) emerged victorious with a 239. They were aided by not only their trivia skill but by Koob’s bowling, as he had the 2nd highest roll of the night. The Tricky Dick Pins finished 2nd with 228, and RIchard Nixon’s Putting Challenge finished 3rd with 225. The Putting Challenge had the highest bowling average of the night, a 125, aided in large part by one team member’s 212. The real story of the night was 4th place finishers I Am Not a Hook, who had the highest quizzo score with a 118, but the 3rd lowest bowling score, a 90. Bowling scores were done by averaging the scores of all six players on the team, and total scores were determined by adding that to their quizzo scores. The lowest bowling score was an 82 recorded by Tricky Dick and the Dickettes, and the lowest total was I Don’t Roll on Shabbos with 173. Full scores after the jump.

  1. Spiro Agnew Kids on the Block 239
  2. Tricky Dick Pins 228
  3. Richard Nixon’s Putting Challenge 225
  4. I Am Not a Hook 208
  5. Everyone on Our Team has a Crush on Richard Nixon 206
  6. The Three Holers 203
  7. We Got the Biggest Balls of them All 191
  8. Tricky Dick and the Dickettes 190
  9. Checkers Palin 184
  10. I Don’t Roll on Shabbos 173

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