Quizzo Bowl News

Alright, so here’s where we stand as of now. I went down to the Navy Yard this morning to look at the Urban Outfitters space. Unfortunately, I would need to hire their sound people, and that is way too expensive. So that’s out. I then called the PhillyCruise people, because they have another nice spot down there. Again, too expensive. The Kimmel Center sounded really into it, but then surprisingly dropped out at the last minute. In better news, Trivia Art gave me a good hookup and I’ve got some people looking into venues. Also, thinking about looking into that giant Chinese restaurant in South Philly, New Golden Palace. They have a stage and tons of room, we could do a Chinese theme, and then have an afterparty maybe at Connie’s Ric Rac. The Blue Horizon is still there for the taking if nothing comes through in the next couple of weeks, so if worse comes to worse we’ll do it there again. If anybody has any suggestions, drop them below in comments.

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