Quizmasters Everywhere…Unite!

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Last week we had a little run in when we had a team that slowly trickled up to 10 players, and when they had a perfect score through 3, I made two players sit the sidelines. The team (who shall remain nameless, although they won this week with 8 players) cried that they had two people who weren’t playing, just hanging out. It turned into a somewhat vociferous debate, though all was cool by this week. So needless to say, I was quite tickled when I stumbled onto the website of a Milwaukee quizmaster, and found the following:
In the past there have been several debates at several different Milwaukee taverns with regard to the number of players on a team.
“That team has ten players.”
“Oh, but two of them are not playing, they’re just here.”
Stated in the rules of Milwaukee Quizmaster trivia, teams are limited to a maximum of eight players per team. The actual individuals playing may vary each week, but can not exceed eight people…Unfortunately, to ensure things are fair, Milwaukee Quizmaster can not accept any of this “they’re not playing” bollocks. Quite honestly, if someone is “not playing” and a question comes up that they know the answer to, it’s more than likely they will share it with the rest of the team.

Kudos, Milwaukee Quizmaster. Bollocks indeed! Viva la Quiz!

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