Johnny & Chip to Perform Comedy, Discuss Their Many Failures Tonight at Shubin

Hey kids. You ever wanted to see Johnny Goodtimes crash and burn with a tired old comedy routine that has caused awkward silences all across this great land of ours? Well now’s your chance. And remember that 24 hour film festival disaster? Where we did one that was incredibly stupid and then we did one that we thought might be construed as offensive, so we didn’t turn it in? Yeah, we’ll be showing that tonight. And you know how essentially everything Chip Chantry and I have done together has been a complete and total train wreck? From the story behind our getting fired at the Trocadero to the open mic at Finn McCool’s where we got made fun of by homeless guys to the humiliation at a film festival that led to our production title Wet Firecracker Productions? Yes, we’ll be discussing many of our epic failures tonight on a show hosted by the man named Philly’s Funniest Comedian, Kent Haines. It’s called Why Am I Not Famous and it starts at 10 p.m. tonight at the Shubin Theatre on 407 Bainbridge Street. It should be a blast.

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