Final Voting in Alf Landon Contest

Alright, kids, it comes down to our top 3 vote getters in the Finals of the 1st Annual Alf Landon Bad Writing Contest. Just to refresh your memories, the purpose was to write a terrible opening paragraph to a non-exisent novel about former Presidential candidate Alf Landon. After a brief (ok, long) interlude, I told the top 3 vote getters that they each had to come up with a new Alf Landon sentence. Their new entries are below, and after that you can vote for your favorite. Voting closes Thursday at Noon.

  • WILLIAM: Alf Landon had wooden legs, but his feet were real.
  • BENNY: Alf Landon never fully grasped how and why the leaves would change to an autumn brown in the Fall seasons, and in the end it cost him everything.
  • BILL: “Alf Landon” is an alias. His real name is Johnny Goodtimes.

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