Anybody wanna do a bowling/quizzo event?

nixon_bowling.jpgHey gang, I was going to do a fundraiser for my Little League at the St. Monica’s bowling alley on Saturday the 6th of December, but we decided to move it back to January. But I still have dibs on the 6th, unless I decide to give it up. I’ve heard some people clamoring for a Winter quizzo event, and this could be possible. I know it’s kind of last minute, but hey, this is me we’re talking about. Anyways, my thought would be this: 12 or so teams, like 6 people per team. Bowl a few frames, ask a few questions, bowl, quizzo, bowl, quizzo until we’re done with four rounds and ten frames. Then we add scores from your bowling to your quizzo scores to come up with a winner. A couple hundred bucks and a trophy for the winner, we get a couple of kegs, we have a big old time. But I gotta make sure people are interested, because it costs $600 to rent the room. So I’d probably charge about $15-20 a head, and that would include all you can drink and any money left over I’ll throw at my League. Let me know if that sounds interesting.

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