Sugar Shane!

Best Phils game of the postseason so far. I gotta admit, I gave up when Ryan Howard threw that ball into right field. This came after he lollygagged down to first in the first inning, where he would have been safe had he hustled. So I already had my goat picked out. But Shane Victorino made all of that irrelevant with his two run line drive homer in the 8th, followed by Matt “Beerleaguer” Stairs two run blast. It was even sweeter because the Dodgers fans have been all over Vic following Monday’s “Throw at my ribs, not my head” showdown. But as Reggie Jackson once said, “They don’t boo nobodies”, and with his postseason performance, Victorino is certinly no nobody. Oh, and the even sweeter part is that he was drafter by the Dodgers, but they didn’t call him up because they didn’t think he could hit. After the Stairs home run, Trivia Art called. He said, “I just want you to hear this.” He held the phone up to the 66,000 people in the crowd. It was the sweetest, most deafening silence I’ve ever heard.

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