Holy F****** S***! We Have Our 2nd Perfect Score!

Make your own questions backfired last night, even though I thought the impossible round was pretty tough. The Narcotyzing Dysfunktion became only the 2nd team in JGT quizzo history to record a perfect score, finishing with a 119. Fittingly, they defeated the Sofa Kingdom, the only other team to ever pitch a no-no. Previously, the only other perfect score occurred in August of 2005. Goodtimes offered his warmest congrats to the Dysfunktion afterward: “Congratulations to the Narcotyzers on making history last night. Giving up a perfect game is like being the team that gets no-hit in a baseball game, but I am comforted by the fact that they were not all of my own questions. I suspect that next week’s quiz will be the most difficult one we’ve seen in years. Revenge will be mine.”

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