Gutless Cowards Do Their Dirty Work at Home

The spineless LA Dodgers decided to not retaliate for Manny being thrown behind while they were still in Philly. Doing so might have caused the Philly fans to hurt their feelings. So they waited a few days, until they got back to LA and had a 6-1 lead in Game 3. Then Kuroda threw at Victorino’s head in what was, let’s face it, the only interesting moment of Game 3. I really wouldn’t have minded if Victorino had responded by throwing his bat at Kuroda. Sorry, but a 94 mph fastball is a lethal weapon, and paybacks are a b****. What was Russell Martin crying about all night? He got hit with a 50 mph pillow and started smashing Gatorade coolers. What a team of sissy punks. And Manny showed how tough he was, going into pro wrestler histrionics with three people holding him back and no chance of a fight. What a warrior! The Phillies take on the spineless yellow cowards again tonight at 8:22.

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