Going off the Rails is this Crazy McCain

McCain’s attacks on Obama recently have shrieked of desperation, as the right wing talking points now are the same tired topics that were relevant 6 months ago, when Hillary was trying to knock off Obama. But Obama has proven more evasive than Kerry with the Swift Boat or the Flip flopping, and in the midst of a horrific economic downturn that has American’s freaked, McCain’s attacks about people Obama served on an education board with in the mid 90s is just white noise. Obama won the first debate and he won again last night, with McCain’s only “highlight” being his cringeworthy “That One” comment. McCain’s current strategy seems to be, “I am so disgusted by this man that I won’t even call him by name.” It doesn’t seem to be working. Why? Because we saw hateful character attacks in 2000 by Bush (McCain has a black baby) and in 2004 (Swift Boat) and what did voting out of fear get this country? One of the three worst presidents in the history of this country, a man whose approval ratings are lower than Nixon’s on the day he resigned. McCain seems to have cast his lot, but it simply seems to paint him as a sad, angry old man, willing to shed his dignity and honor to sling mud, thinking that it’s the only way he can pull off an upset and defeat “That One.” It is a sad ending to the storied career of a great American.

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