You So Want Me…Oops, wrong number. Sorry Dude.

Last night after quizzo I went to say hi to a friend who works as a bartender in our fine city. You may not know this about me, but I am somewhat of a flirt, so at one point in the evening, I decided to send her a joke text message (trust me, I would never actually be this bold): “You so want me”. But as soon as I sent it, I realized that I had made a mistake. I had accidentally send it to the 9 dudes I had just moments earlier sent a text to about how much I hate the Phillies. Frantically, I tried to stop the message. I cut off the phone. Too late. Within seconds I had two messages. Within minutes I had numerous responses, which are posted below:

  • NATE: Not as much as you might think.
  • BRETT: Uh, wrong Mary.
  • KOOB: You’re absolutely right, Johnny.
  • ART: Boy I hope you sent this to the wrong person/gender.
  • But the best answer came from GARBO, who very matter of factly wrote: I assume this is depression from the Phils crappy work today. I won’t count them out til this next series.
  • STEVE-O apparently got the message this morning, as he wrote: Drink a little last night?

I have to admit I am a little disappointed that I did not hear from D-Mac or Vaughn. And as for Adam, who runs the Sidecar, well, as long as I never show my face in his bar again I should be fine. Here’s the impressive part: something even more embarrassing happened later, but I think I’m gonna save that one for my comedy act.

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