Sports Shorts: Blowout Edition


  • The Eagles enjoyed a blowout win over the Rams, who will be hard pressed to match their 2007 total of 3 wins. But the Eagles weren’t the only ones enjoying a blowout this weekend, and 38-3 looks like a thriller when compared to the biggest blowout of all time. And in case you were curious, the Eagles biggest blowout win came in 1934, when they defeated the Cincinnati Reds 64-0.
  • Arkansas State got off to a good start in their season opener, knocking off Texas Southern, 83-10.
  • The record for biggest blowout in college football history was Georgia Tech over Cumberland College, 222-0. This game was a statisticians dream: Cumberland ran 27 times for -42 yards with 9 fumbles, and their QB was 2-18 with 6 interceptions. Georgia Tech had over 1,000 more yards rushing than Cumberland, finishing with 978 yards rushing. (They did not attempt a pass.) As the NY Times notes, Tech may have run up the score because Cumberland’s baseball team had defeated theirs 22-0 in 1915.
  • Slovakia’s Women’s Ice hockey team may have just one upped Georgia Tech, as they defeated Bulgaria 82-0 over the weekend. They averaged one goal every 44 seconds.

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