Match of the Week

We had a rare 4-blowout week, where every quizzo on Tuesday and Thursday was determined by 12 or more points. That left us with two dandies, at the Black Sheep and at the Locust Rendezvous. At the Rendezvous, the Jams still stayed in a bit of a funk, but were able to pull out a workmanline 87-85 win over Lead Paint: Delicious But Deadly. So our match of the week has to go to the Black Sheep, where Ther’s Always Money in the Banana Stand held off a furious rally by the Axis of Evil Knieval who after a shaky start got 22 of the final 23 questions correct. But four misses in the 50/50 round turned out to be the deciding factor in a 107-105 win for the Banana Stand. Duane’s World, meanwhile could have pulled off the win but missed the weekly double, which the two previous teams did not, and had to settle for a 100 point 3rd place.

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