Johnny responds to the Haters

Philebrity posted something about the column I wrote in yesterdays Metro, blasting some of my picks. Which is all fine and good. The sole reason of writing a column like that (to read the column, click here) is to spark some light-hearted debate. But he took a few liberal swipes at quizzo which need to be addressed. Early on, he writes: Quizzo is f****** unbearable. (Since when is going into a bar and drinking and bullshitting simply not enough.) Even more unbearable, however are the lumpen hordes who make quizzo their weekly hobby/habit, at the expense of actually having a real conversation…

Wow, where to begin? First of all, “the Philebrity team” finds quizzo unbearable without ever having played my quizzo. Don’t hate the playa if you’ve never played his game. Since when is going into a bar and bullshitting simply not enough? The statement is nothing short of preposterous, coming from a website whose entire ad revenue comes from places trying to get you to go to a bar and listen to bands and DJs. Why isn’t going into a bar and bullshitting simply enough on those nights? There is plenty of real conversation at quizzo. It may not be about some crappy indie band that sounds exactly like that other indie band that was hot last year, and so the convo may therefore be indecipherable to you, but it is conversation nonetheless. He goes on: it’s just that, if you ask us, this is no kind of job for a grown-ass man. This coming from a man in his mid 30s whose chief source of income is blogging. Industry rule #4080: A hustler should never knock the hustle.

Part of quizzo’s success is that it hasn’t been dragged down by the insufferable tight jean wearing whiners who have no sense of humor and dress like circus clowns. There were plenty of them that used to come to our shows at the Trocadero, and let me be honest: they were the least interesting and least fun people I have ever met. So please continue to blast quizzo, as your efforts as King of the Hipsters will continue to keep those miserable scarf wearing rock star wannabees away. And for that I thank you.

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