Gotta Love Those Mets Fans

The Mets-Nationals game was on at O’Neals last night, and it was like tennis, all the heads swinging on a pivot between that game and the Phils game. At one point during the Mets game, there was a question Mets fans could vote on via text or on the internet. It was how will the Mets finish the season. Here were the results (keep in mind, this is Mets TV, so pretty much everyone answering was a Mets fan):

  • 32% Win the division
  • 12% Win the wild card
  • 56% miss the playoffs

Looks like they’re feeling another collapse. But good news for them: the Brewers are collapsing even harder, and actually lost with Sabathia on the hill yesterday. I still think the Mets will make the playoffs, unless the Astros just go wild. The Brewers are done.

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