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I’ve started working on a new project called, for which I will be a regular contributer (Newsier stuff is handled by someone else, the goofier stuff by me.) The site is kind of in beta right now, still tinkering with stuff, before the official release next week. Still a lot to be done in the next week to tighten it up, but I think it’ll be pretty cool once we get the stuff done. In the meantime, please give it a test drive and leave your thoughts below about what you like and don’t like, and what you think we should do to improve the site.

I will be doing a lot more on the streets stuff and Philly stuff on that site, which will mean a little bit more focus on this site. Instead of the smorgasboard of sports, politics, anger, etc. that this site currently is, it’ll be a bit more focused on quizzo, which is probably what it should be to begin with. I hope that my regular contributers here will become regular contributers on And of course, this will still be my personal site, so I will still let you know when I make an ass out of myself or get shot down by a female (or both). Yes, you will still find the scoreboard, pics of winners, etc. on this site, as well as what’s going on in the quizzo world.

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