Most of the people around town I’ve talked to are pretty uninspired by this current Philadelphia Eagles team. The over/under on wins this season seems to hover around 8. Ray Didinger, who probably knows more about football than anyone in this city, sounds uninspired by them. Turnout at Lehigh wasn’t even all that great. So yesterday, a bombshell in the form of my latest copy of Sports Illustrated. SI has them finishing 12-4 and going to the Super Bowl. What? Am I the only one who is dumbfounded by this? This is an 8-8 team that gained one good cornerback and lost their only good receiver for 6 weeks. A team with a QB who begged for weapons and got none. A stubborn coach who thinks that his system can overcome the glaring deficiency at WR, even though all of the evidence proves him wrong. Sorry but I still got this team at 8-8. Your prediction?

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