Um, yeah, good luck with that

The NFL just unveiled a new Fan Code of Conduct: drunk and “disruptive” fans can be ejected from stadiums or parking lots without refund — and stripped of their season tickets. The same goes for fans who verbally or physically harass other fans, use obscene language or gestures or interfere with the game by throwing objects onto the field. Fans who become drunk or unruly during pregame tailgating will not be allowed into stadiums.

Fans becoming drunk during pregame tailgating will not be allowed into stadiums? Yeah that should go over well for the 50,000 Philadelphians whose entire lives revolve around becoming drunk during pregame tailgating and then going into stadiums. But other than that (and I’m sure I’ll catch heat for this), I think this is a good policy. Listen, I’m all for getting drunk and cheering on your team. But truth be told, the level of obnoxiousness I’ve witnessed at Eagles games is beyond absurd, to the point of being disgusting. Sorry glutton, but save your beer throwing, vomiting, and sexist/racist/homophobic screams for Wing Bowl. (scroll down.) But don’t worry, Eagle fans. You can still boo your quarterback, even though he’s the best one the team’s ever had. They can stop you from being drunk, but they can’t stop you from being stupid.

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