Trivia News, brought to you by Chill Rob A (left)

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  • A few weeks ago, we did a Quarter Back Quiz, where I told you what was on a commemorative quarter, and you told me what state I was referring too. Well, here’s an online version where you can actually see the quarter. From our good friends at Mental Floss. (I got 12 out of 20.)
  • A pretty cool new trivia site just went up: launched yesterday. Haven’t had time to check it all out yet, but it looks pretty impressive.
  • Ok, so this is more quizzo related than trivia related, but nonetheless fun. Most of you regulars know Chill Rob A, member of the once dominant Team MAGMA. Well, this past week he explained the famous Whispering Wall in Fairmount Park in a video on WHYY’s website. Rob looks about as comfortable on camera as Adam Eaton does on the mound. (via Quizmaster Chris’s site.)

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