The State Capitol in Harrisburg-Off the Chain

I went with seven of the kids in our summer program at the Marian Anderson Rec Center, one of our teachers, and recently elected State Rep Kenyatta Johnson to the State Capitol building in Harrisburg this past Friday. And as hard as this may be to believe, the Capitol building is one of the top five most spectacular buildings I have ever stepped foot in. I am not kidding. Here is a link to some photos of our group and the building. I would highly suggest a road trip to check the place out. Chip also tells me that there is a Pennsylvania Museum across the street which is pretty sweet as well.
Once there we got to hang out for a few hours with the youngest Representative in Pennsylvania, Tony Payton (left), only 27 years old, who has an ambitious plan to get more lower income children into college. The guys had a lot of questions, and he answered every one. I like this guy. I like Kenyatta too, who regularly comes in in the afternoons and helps out with the anti-violence program. I saw Kenyatta and Tony again on Saturday night at the Weekend of Peace basketball tourney at 19th and Washington. (I swung by for a few minutes since some of the kids I coach were in the tourney.) One of my guys won the 3 point shootout. A guy called only “Elevator” won the slam dunk contest by jumping completely over a guy who was about 6’5″. It was pretty damn incredible. I was not asked to participate in the slam dunk competition.

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