Rollins is Right

Jimmy Rollins called Phillies fans frontrunners, and ripped them for booing members of the team. “Negative energy doesn’t produce anything positive. That’s just the truth. . . . It’s not me; it’s booing the guy that’s out there working hard, busting his butt. That’s when I really get upset.” Sometimes the fans curse their luck because they’ve won one title in 125 years. But to be honest I think they are part of the problem. And I include myself in this statement, because I boo the crappy players on this team too. But Jimmy’s point is a good one: It’s ridiculous to boo your own guy before he even does something wrong. Booing during player introductions for your team is assinine, and hurts the team. The sad truth: Now Rollins will be booed before the next home game. Of course, then again, with the way this team is playing, I think they might all get booed.

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