Olympic Shorts


  • Do bronze medal finishers feel better about their achievment than silver medalists? Yes, according to a 1996 study.
  • D-Mac is covering the Olympics for Vanity Fair.
  • As I saw so many of you cheering last night for the gymnastics competition, I thought to myself, “Am I the only one who finds the sight of 11 year old anorexic hermaphrodite automaton being hugged by a 55 year old man after she performs numerous backflips exceedingly creepy?” Apparently the answer is no. Buzz Bissinger thinks the same thing: I cringe at what I believe is the unsavory stench of the sport in general — children under the wing of men who based on lengthy documentation have proven to be abusive, relentless, intolerant, humiliating and, in some instances, accused of sexual misconduct. “These girls will do anything for these guys,” Ms. Ryan told me. “They have such control over them.”

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