So Sweet

Wow, what an incredible 9th inning. After wrapping up quizzo last night, I was preparing to head over to the Bards, but decided I’d watch the Phils go down quietly in the 9th. However, Mets manager Jerry Manuel inexplicably pulled Johan Santana after only 105 pitches, and the Mets bullpen looked like, well, the Mets bullpen. And then, Jimy Williams decided for some reason to use So Taguchi. The conversation at O’Neals went like this:

JGT: Best case scenario here is Taguchi striking out. They can’t take a double play.
O’Neals Patron: Why aren’t they hitting Bruntlett?
JGT: They never lose without a rally in the 9th. Never.
All: Holy ****** ****! Get over his head! Get over his head! Yes! Yes! Yes!

The entire bar erupted with high fives all around. It was an awesome win, and allowed us to forget for a few moments that our rotation consists of Cole Hamels and pray for rain.

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