Prom 2008 Rules 4-Eva

Prom was awesome. The action kicked off when me and Casey (purple tux, below) decided to meet up at the Suit Corner at 3rd and Market at 5 p.m. to grab matching suits. We got a great deal, as we each got our swanky tuxes for $49.98. The guy who waited on us was really cool. I highly recommend the Suit Corner for all of your shopping needs, particularly if pink tuxedo is one of the things you are shopping for.
Casey and I picked up our dates (mine was RPS legend April Annie) at around 9 p.m., then walked to the Positano Coast at 2nd and Walnut to meet with the lovely Ginger and her prom date, Lance Romance. It was the perfect pre-prom place. The food was pretty decent, but more importantly, it had various vistas of the Italian coastline, so we got some sweet prom photos. Only regret of the night: Ben Franklin was walking out as we were walking in, and I was gonna ask him to get a photo with us but I totally froze up. Damnit, I’m such a choker!

After dinner and photos we headed over to the Moshulu for the actual prom. Needless to say, since this was prom, we totally hooked up a flask. We’re such badasses. None of the chaperones caught us, either.

Unfortunately, we got there right after a sweet hip hop set, and they started playing 80s white people music which is fun but kind of hard to dance to, at least for me. The crowd was pretty dressed up for the most part, but in 80s gear, not in classy prom gear like us. There were several celebrities on hand as well, including Steve-O, Chill Rob A, Proust Scholar, and Quizmaster Chris.

Finally, I heard the opening piano riff of OPP and it was on. That was followed by Rumpshaker, so I was totally getting down.
After prom we all headed back to April Annie’s place for the post party. We were all pretty exhausted from all that dancing by then, so we just sat around and shot the bull until the lovely Ginger became allergic to April’s cats and then the party was over. But all in all, a magical prom evening, without question the best prom I’ve been to in the 2000s.

You can check out more prom photos over at Ginger’s website.

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