Important things that you must know, Brought to you by Connect 4 Guru Beyonce


  • Abraham Lincoln: Werewolf? (You’ll notice Chip in this, but this isn’t the one we were working on the last couple fo days. Hopefully we’ll be able to get that online before too long.)
  • I got turned away at the door of Tattooed Mom’s last night because I didn’t have my license on me. As we turned back around to leave, Chip angrily screamed at the bouncer, “ You should check it out sometime! He’s like 35!” I’m like an NBA player, rolling with an unruly posse that is furious when we don’t get our way.
  • You can play Connect Four here. Some guy dedicated his entire thesis to solving the game in 1988, and was successful. So if you have about 6 or 7 hours to kill you can read his thesis and master the game and then beat Connect Four guru Beyonce.

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