Duane’s Sofa Minions of the Caribbean win Pirate Quizzo

A formidable squad composed of some Duane’s World guys and some Sofa’s pulled off a 107-98 win over My Nickname at School Was Scurvy Purvy at the Franklin Institute on Saturday night. Early in the contest, Johnny’s latest rival, Captain Babyface, threatened to take Johnny’s bounty from the night’s quiz. Babyface was a real nightmare, shouting out answers and using his phone during Round One before kicking Johnny’s ass. Fortunately, Johnny was taught the mystical ways of the East from Mr. Pierogie, and in a heroic final scene was able to fight off Babyface in an epic battle that has Broadway buzzing. We had a good crowd (about 60) and set a new record for most kids at a JGT event (lots). All in all a fun night, and I went and checked out the Pirate exhibit on Monday, and it was pretty cool.

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