Week in Review

First of all, like whoa, where did everyone come from? One week after I actually had to cancel a quizzo, I bet we had the most players we’ve had in 6 months. Just about every quizzo was packed to capacity, and we actually had to turn people away at Bards last night. Anyways, the action was just as crazy, as The Jams finally fell to But My Mom Thinks I’m Cool W/ Lambda after a 6 week ride, and the Girls of IPA pulled off a huge upset at the Black Sheep, holding off a mad run by Duane’s World in the final round. A perfect round in Round Four would have meant perfection by the Sofa Kingdom on Tuesday, but a multiple choice question about Kombucha denied their dreams of destiny. A controversial decision at the Good Dog, as JGT, after conferring with the Good Dog staff, gave half credit for Man Full of Anger instead of Man Full of Trouble, allowing Obviously You’re Not a Golfer to earn a tie with the Penn 15 Club. The Golfers then took the win in OT. The week was bookended by a thrilling, 97-93 win by L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics over the Young, the Old, and the Restless and the only blowout of the week, the Hurtin Bombs 108-87 victory over I Like Birds at the Bards on Thursday. A pretty thrilling week, as 4 of the 6 matches were determined by 4 points or less.

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