Ripped off

Am I the only one who finds the Tim Donaghy case a lot more compelling than either Spygate or the steroid scandal in baseball? For one thing, that Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals was perhaps the worst robbery I have ever seen in a sporting event as the referees were all but visibly rooting for the Lakers in the 4th quarter. At one point, a foul was called on Mike Bibby for being elbowed in the head by Kobe. I remember being furious after that game (and I’m not even a Kings fan), and so, to be honest, I am glad to see the NBA get its comeuppance. I have thought for years that the NBA was not on the up and up, and I am obviously not alone. A recent poll on showed that 76% of over 80,000 in the poll thought that two refs conspired to fix Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference Final. 1 in 4 people think that the NBA is on the up and up! I bet 1 in 4 people believe that Pro Wrestling is on the up and up!

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