P.S. What in the hell is he wearing?

To be honest, this whole Bonnie and Clyde thing is a sad indication of what happens when newspapers and TV become desperate for revenue. They latch on to any story about a hot 22 year old with a nice rack. Gone are the days of trying to win a Pulitzer by trying to find out how all of these drugs are getting into our neighborhoods or why our murder rate is so high. Now it’s just “Throw some pics of a chick with nice hooters on the site every day and see if we can get a few extra web clicks.” This ain’t murder. It’s identity theft, which nobody gives a flying s*** about. Trust me, I know.

I had somebody steal my checkbook about 5 years ago and write a $938 check to Dorney Park (seriously), among other things. The person who stole my checkbook was able to pass themself off as Jerome, even though they were a woman. A woman with apparently about 35 kids, all of whom she took to Dorney Park (who, incredulously, took a personal check). And where was the media then? I was in my time of need, filling out affidavit after affidavit. And there was no news truck anywhere in sight. Now that the news teams at all of the local TV and newspapers are experts on identity theft, I want them to do some research and see if they can find out who this damn woman was, so I can get my identity back. So that I can have my fun at Dorney Park! But I doubt they will. After all, rumor has it that a girl with a great ass just stole a Snickers bar from a 7-11. And Chopper 10 is there!

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