Proud Day to be a Mets Fan

This from the New York Post: What a crowd, these bums are, all of them, from the Wilpons at the top to Omar Minaya down below, all of them who conspired to botch this firing worse than any firing has ever been botched. Ever. You wouldn’t trust these guys to run a 7-11, let alone a National League baseball team. What a joke. What a cowardly, dastardly joke. A midnight massacre. A 3 a.m. thrashing. Disgraceful. Utterly, completely, disgraceful…Is this the best the Mets can do? Is this really what they are about? Can they really consider themselves a professional operation when they do the simplest task in sports, firing the manager, this wretchedly?

A sad, sad day to have a hairy neck.

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