News and Notes


  • Got another celebrity judging gig lined up! That’s right, I’m going to be judging the Dirty Sketch competition at the Khyber next Monday. (Warning: Bad words will pop up if you click here.) Listen, if you have an event coming up and need a celebrity judge, I’m your guy!
  • Bounty Bowl at the Rendezvous this week. The Jams have actually won 6 in a row, but I didn’t bother counting ’til this week. $20 cash in addition to gift certificate for any team that beats ’em.
  • Things this past Tuesday were brutally slow, but reports of quizzos impending demise were greatly exaggerated, as Wednesday was decent, and both spots were packed Thursday. Best chance for a table at quizzo this week: O’Neals and Bards tonight.
  • On Wednesday, Ginger’s IPA club (read: beer drinkin’ women, above. Btw, see if you can find Trivia Art in that photo.) will be playing at the Black Sheep. Again, there will be numerous attractive single women who love beer at the Black Sheep on Wednesday. But you’ll just be there for the questions.

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