It’s Alright, That’s My Hip Hop Fantasy

Got to see two hip hop legends over the weekend. First up, on Friday, went to see Slick Rick at the Trocadero. There was much hype about MC Ricky D playing with a live band. It was soon apparent why he was doing that. Because, on his own, Slick Rick has about much charisma as dry paint. He honestly never moved for the entire 45 minute set. I mean, it was still cool, because I got to see him perform some of his old hits, but I think he was, quite frankly, bored out of his mind doing “Children’s Story” for the 7,000th time. When the crowd called for an encore, the whole band returned…except for Slick Rick. On a brighter note, it was my first trip back to the Troc since the firing, and it was great to see the gang again.

After my gig at the Kimmel on Saturday, I decided to see Spinderella at the Perelman Center. And let me just say it was off the hook. She was all over it. I mean, it’s not real easy to just be a DJ on a stage all by yourself and own it, but she was just awesome. I wasn’t even dancing (I have never been able to walk up to a random woman and just start dancing. Just can’t do it.) but I sat there in awe of how great her set list was, and she kept chatting with the crowd. Of course, by the time I found someone who might have danced with me (emphasis on “might have”), she started playing freaking disco, and I can’t dance to that garbage. But for the most part, Spinderella was phenomenal. One of the best DJs I’ve ever seen. Then to top it all off, after she got done, she came down in to the crowd to sign autographs and take photos. Pretty stark contrast to a guy who wouldn’t even come back out for an encore.

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