It was a thriller at the Kimmel Center on Saturday night, as a packed house of I’d say (roughly) 150 people played to determine who would win the first ever Summer Solstice Spectacular. In the end, we had a shocker, as the Flesh Tuxedo edged the Hurtin Kingdom (a mashup of the Sofas and the Bombs), 104-103. It all came down to the final question. “What legendary water ice shop will you find on 7th and Christian?” The Kingdom answered Jack’s (wrong), the Tuxedo answered John’s (right), and that was the difference in the contest. I’ll try to post some questions a little later, and will also talk a little more about the other acts as well. Click “Continue reading” below to see all of the final scores.

  1. Flesh Tuxedo 104
  2. Hurtin Kingdom 103
  3. Eschaton 102
  4. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics 94
  5. Two Streeters 94
  6. We Left for the Drag Show 85
  7. Random Guesses 84
  8. Knowitalls 81
  9. Barack Out With Your Cock Out 77
  10. Kelpius Came to Philadelphia 70
  11. Thanks for the Rash, Johnny Goodtimes 70
  12. Scott Tenorman Must Die 69
  13. Where’s Kris Benson? 69
  14. Sitting By The Trash Cans 66
  15. Lowe Expectations 60
  16. Scotch Bonnets 60
  17. Miscellaneous Paradise 56
  18. VJJ 54
  19. GGG 54*
  20. Big Apple, PA 52
  21. The Paramilitary Quizzo Regulars 49
  22. Esoteric Gym Teachers 48
  23. Spaghetti Tacos 47
  24. Summerettes 42
  25. Bonez 24
  26. The Oxymorons 18

*Not bad, considering they only played the final two rounds.

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