But What Does Quizmaster Chris Reeeeally Think about Dirty Frank’s?

Well, one thing you can say about Quizmaster Chris: He doesn’t keep his feelings to himself, and isn’t scared to write what he thinks. A few months ago, I forwarded the fact that an employee of Dirty Frank’s had interrupted a game of quizzo by throwing a chair. Well, a couple of weeks ago, Dirty Frank’s pulled the plug on quizzo entirely, and Chris was none too pleased. Here are a few of his more choice comments about the bar and the way it went down:
No one at Frank’s gives a flying f*** about you. We’re all disposable pieces of s*** to them, which is ironic as you can’t get much s****ier than some of the staff. Keep in mind that an employee who smacked a customer in the head and threw a chair across the room is still employed there, but the quiz has to go, because the quiz made a few unsavory alcoholics unhappy…It’s very difficult for me to promote the idea of people coming to a place to play a quiz where an employee throws a barstool across the room, smacks a customer in the head, and not only remains an employee but hangs around to mock me on the odd off-duty night. It’s difficult to get people to come back to a place where sometimes people who need to be in the drunk tank are still being served, or where it’s hard to hear me over the terminally rude, who decide that question 3 of round 4 is the perfect time to sing “Happy Birthday.”… If you want slow and/or bitter service, the opportunity for a fistfight, an increasingly pathetic alcoholic-centered group of obnoxious patrons, largely unregulated by the world’s smallest bouncers… if you’d like to enjoy this with a skull-splitting soundtrack of bad metal and rap… try Frank’s.

Quizmaster Chris has replaced that quiz with a new one on Wednesday nights at Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar at 9 p.m.

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