You Have Shattered All My Dreams

A question at quizzo this week was: This song, which sounds sweet but is actually pretty creepy, is Louisiana’s state song. Hint: It was heard in O Brother Where Art Thou. The Answer is “You Are My Sunshine.” Now I remember learning this song as a little child. Kind of funny that I was learning a song about a psycho co-dependent who will probably eventually murder his ex. Check out these lyrics:

I’ll always love you and make you happy
if you will only say the same
but if you leave me to love another
you’ll regret it all some day

You told me once dear you really loved me
that no one else could come between
but now you’ve left me and love another
you have shattered all my dreams.

You’ll regret it all someday? Is that a threat? You have shattered all my dreams? All of them? My God, man, pull it together!

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