Quizzo Sabotage!!!

This was pointed out by alert reader Phil: someone changed the movie that Mark Linn-Baker starred in with Peter O’Toole on Linn-Bakers wiki page, apparently in an effort for some teams to get it wrong! According to the wikihistory, first they posted the movie as Super Fuzz, then Hot Fuzz, and now Carbon Copy (none of which are correct). This is one of the most devious (yet somewhat admirable) attempts I have ever seen to gain 5 points over your enemies. These changes were made today, so this was no accident. Is Super Fuzz, followed by Hot Fuzz, followed by Carbon Copy, some sort of code to mankind? What will the Johnny Goodtimes Ethics Committee have to say about this? Will the culprit reveal themselves at quizzo, or are they in the lab, preparing more diabolical stunts to ensure victory and a $25 gift certificate?Stay tuned.

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