People Who Drink on Cruise Ships Deserve to Die

This tells you pretty much all you need to know about Jerseyites. There was a story on today about a woman who fell off a cruise ship last night. Now, while some people would feel sympathy for this woman and her family, Jerseyites do not. According to just about every single commenter below the story, she must have been stupid and/or drunk, so she simply got her just desserts. Except for one commenter who suspects foul play.

  • It’s difficult to fall off a cruise ship UNLESS you’re either drunk, doing something you should not be doing or you are somewhere you should not be. Since our society has devolved into an illiterate mass of immature morons, the last people I will ever blame are the ones who are consistently called upon to bail people out of “stupid people” situations.
  • Just a wild guess here, but I’m going with an excessive use of alchohol coming into play in this story.
  • In the end the taxpayer picks up the tab for these massive searches not the cruise companies.
  • I tend to side with some who feel too much alcohol was involved here… yes, you can fall over board on a cruise ship but I feel it is because you did something stupid.
  • I myself just came back from a cruise a week ago and let me tell you that the only way you fall off is either by climbing up over a railing and falling (commiting suicide) or some one has to pick you up and throw you over. She did not just fall by accident.
  • If you call climbing on and hanging over the rail an accident I suppose it’s possible. Not to say I have any idea how this woman fell but it is all that I can imagine, especially only 3 hours or so into the cruise.

Well it looks like the crack detectives have done it again. Despite having no evidence, they have concluded that she was drunk and stupid, and thus deserved to die. It’s just a shame that our hardearned tax dollars go toward fishing riff raff like this out of the ocean.

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