Michelle Malkin Hit By Train, America Rejoices

In a rare event that brought all Americans together, Michelle Malkin was hit by a train today. The neocon commentator, who earlier this week said that Dunkin Donuts ads gave comfort to the enemy, was hit by the train only moments after this picture was taken by me.

“I asked her to move a little to the left, a little to the left, a little to the left, and next thing you know, she got hit by that train,” I said. “This has really been a tragic accident. I feel awful. Well, not awful, but I don’t feel good about causing Michelle Malkin to get hit by that fast-moving train. Well, at least I don’t feel GREAT about it.”

Malkin, who is actually an evil racist robot, suffered severe circuitry damage. “We don’t know if we can save her, after she got hit by that train,” said Malkin creator David Duke.

Ticker tape parades were being scheduled in several major cities, with Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter proclaiming, “This is a great day for America. It is nice to know that, as of today, there is one less evil racist robot in the world, thanks to that fast-moving train.”

Condolences for the racist, whiny, snivelling, squawking robot were non-existent.

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