Why No Love?

Apparently tickets are selling poorly to tomorrow night’s Game 6 against the Pistons. What? I mean tickets aren’t that expensive, the team, although blown out in the last two games, has taken this series deeper than anyone thought they would, and they are a fun team to watch. Philly.com is giving away almost 100 tickets, and WIP is giving away tickets as well. That means that nobody is buying, and they don’t want the arena to look empty for a Game 6 in the playoffs. Playoffs, people! I went last Friday and it was a blast. If I didn’t have to work manana, I’d be there again. Crowd energy is such a big part of playoff basketball (thus the huge home court advantage), and it’s really lame if we’re the only city that can’t bring any.

This town is so ridiculous. We’ve got two teams in the playoffs, the baseball team is hot, and I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that if you turn on WIP today, they’re talking about the NFL draft and what to do with Lito Sheppard. Well, I don’t care if they drop Lito Sheppard into the goddamm river with cement shoes on, we have two teams in the playoffs so screw the Eagles.

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