Look Out Chuck Norris!

There is a kid in South Jersey who is going to take you out. This hit list of his was obviously not a joke, but a real terroristic threat, and I’m sure the newscasters are giving their “serious solemn faces” when giving this report, even though it includes Chuck Norris. I remember in the 8th grade when I said something smart-ass to a girl in my Latin class named Karen R. She stood up, looked me dead in the eye, and said, “I’ve put together a hit list, and your name is next.” Then she dramatically stormed out of the room. Everybody in class did that “oooooooh” thing, but nobody thought to call the cops.
UPDATE: The terrorist kid in South Jersey and a bunch of his buddies recently took on Chuck Norris in a fight. Here is some exclusive video of what happened next.

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